Sunday, 25 November 2012

Spring 2013

Welcome to Riseley WEA

Riseley WEA is an adult educational organisation where we offer two sessions of lectures per year on a variety of cultural subjects - a Spring Term and an Autumn term.
With a history going back nearly twenty seven years, we have covered a wide variety of subjects, from history, architecture, music, art, film and many more.
All our lectures are delivered by tutors with extensive knowledge of their subjects and a great deal of experience in teaching interested and enthusiastic adults.
Everyone is welcome.
We meet in the comfort of Riseley Village Hall Lounge where we start each meeting with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.

Northamptonshire WEA
Our friends and neighbours in Northamptonshire will be running a programme of five guided visits during summer 2013.

Wakefield Lodge Pottersbury
Earls Barton Village
Chester House Irchester
Drayton House Lowick
Top Lodge Glendon

For details click here

A History of the English Parish
This course is now completed - for details click here

To complete the course we enjoyed a visit to Stamford where our lecturer David Bond took us on a walking tour of the old town stopping here and there to enlighten us on the local history and points of architectural interest.

David explains the history of Brownes Hospital

and enjoys addressing us from the pulpit!

We visited the grave of Daniel Lambert  - a 52 stone man

 more pictures.

Italian Opera

This course is now completed - for details click here