Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Welcome to Riseley WEA

Riseley WEA is an adult educational organisation where we offer two sessions of lectures per year on a variety of cultural subjects - a Spring Term and an Autumn term.
With a history going back nearly twenty seven years, we have covered a wide variety of subjects, from history, architecture, music, art, film and many more.
All our lectures are delivered by tutors with extensive knowledge of their subjects and a great deal of experience in teaching interested and enthusiastic adults.
Everyone is welcome.

We meet in the comfort of Riseley Village Hall Lounge where we start each meeting with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.

Spring 2015

The Plant Hunters
Andrew Sankey

Ten lectures investigating the lives and travels of men who forded rivers, climbed mountains, faced danger and even death to bring wondrous plants back to Britain from around the globe. The Tradescants, Joseph Banks and 'Chinese' Wilson will feature together with three other great plant hunters.
Illustrated with film clips, maps and photos

Riseley Village Hall 10 am refreshments for 10.15am lecture
£48.00 for the complete course

Course now running.

Our lectures have attracted an audience of  43 to listen to a series of exhilarating talks about famous pant hunters and their exploits.