Sunday, 12 April 2015

Welcome to Riseley WEA

Riseley WEA is an adult educational organisation where we offer two sessions of lectures per year on a variety of cultural subjects - a Spring Term and an Autumn term.
With a history going back nearly twenty seven years, we have covered a wide variety of subjects, from history, architecture, music, art, film and many more.
All our lectures are delivered by tutors with extensive knowledge of their subjects and a great deal of experience in teaching interested and enthusiastic adults.
Everyone is welcome.

We meet in the comfort of Riseley Village Hall Lounge where we start each meeting with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.

Autumn 2015

From Les Misérables to the Belle Epoque
A Social history of 19th century France
David Price

Includes Haussmann's Paris, the Dreyfus Affair, The Commune; education and work for women, the peasantry and linguistic diversity; the notorious Courtesans; the Moulin Rouge and the Cancan; art and entertainment.

Illustrated with film clips and photos

Riseley Village Hall 10 am refreshments for 10.15am lecture
Cost of the complete course to follow.

Starting September 2015 - details to follow.