Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Riseley WEA is an adult educational organisation where we offer two sessions of lectures per year on a variety of cultural subjects - a Spring Term and an Autumn term.
With a history going back over thirty years, we have covered a wide variety of subjects, from history, architecture, music, art, film and many more.
Everyone is welcome.

Autumn 2019

New courses starting September 2019 will be

 King Arthur - The History and the legend
by Jane Williams

A look through the various myths, legends and historical theories behind Britain's favourite King and his family and friends, trying and failing to distinguish serious history from enjoyable fiction, since every single historian has had an agenda behind their writing, and many writers of "fiction" on the subject have been serious historians playing "what if?"  with a theory they don't quite have enough evidence to support. Arthur is a wonderful support for propaganda, and we will look at how this has been used. We will look at sources from Latin and Brythonic written at the time through the classical works of literature and fiction to films, and with a brief dive into archaeology. No prior knowledge of any of these things required

Wednesday mornings at 10 am for 10.15 am lecture
18th September 2019
Course fee £52
Nine weeks duration
Course No C2226854
At Riseley Village Hall
Gold Street Riseley MK44 1EG
To enrol click here or phone 0300 303 3464 quoting Course Number C2226854


English Gardens
Andrew Sankey

This course is a brief history of the English garden from Roman villa gardens through to the modern garden of today. The course will cover different periods in gardening to include: Medieval gardens, Tudor gardens, formal and Dutch gardens, the English Landscape Garden, Victorian garden and Dig for Victory Garden. We'll assess design, plants and famous garden designers throughout the course

Tuesday afternoons 2.00 pm for 2.15pm lecture
17th September 2019
Course fee £52
Nine weeks
Course No C2226875
At Risley Village Hall Gold Street Riseley MK44 1EG

To enrol go here or phone 0300 303 3464 quoting Course Number C2226875